Your olive oil might look nice on a shelf, but how does it show on an e-commerce page, Twitter post, Instagram story and Facebook feed?

Consumer decisions are increasingly driven by digital product images. If you're not considering how your packaging looks in a JPEG, it's time.

When a social share amounts to a tacit endorsement of the appearance of a product as well as its inherent qualities, the better your product looks, the more it will be talked about online.

I've been checking in with our photography team as they work through the process of capturing 1,171 olive oil bottles, tins, pouches and boxes for  this year's NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition.

While only the images of the eventual award-winners will appear on the pages of Olive Oil Times and the Official Index of the World's Best Olive Oils, we still photograph every entry submission in the weeks leading up to the judging.

Some of the images are stunning, with appealing package designs, nice proportions and clear branding that transcend the digital medium.

Here's an image of an award-winning brand from last year that leaps off the page with strong branding and appealing use of color:

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